Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday plays

Hello my loves!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! I know I am! I know I have not been on in the last couple of days, and I apologize. I have had a very busy end of the week/weekend. On Wednesday, I went to see Kevin's grandparents and give them the projects I was working on. Poppy LOVED his elephant! He wouldn't let anyone touch it. And Nana fell in love with her scarf, and demanded that I make her a headband. So during the entire visit I was hooking up a headband, and talking with Kev's Auntie June about how I am a Sagittarius, specifically a metal horse Sagittarius. She is so knowledgeable of astrological signs. We then had Double Decker tacos and watched American Idol. Have you seen that show?! I love watching the beginning where everyone is terrible. I know it is horrible, but we made fun of all the horrendous ones, an example being: "They sound like a cat is dying and puking up a rat at the same time". Isn't that lovely!

Then on Thursday, I had my first classes of the semester. My genetics analysis class sounds like a handful. The professor made it very clear that in order to pass this class with a C, we have to put in at least 10 hours of studying per week. That was wonderful to hear at 9:30 in the morning. A couple hours later I had my abnormal psychology class. This particular class is going to be my favorite. I already know! We were talking about the history of abnormal psychology (I hate history), and I was enjoying it like no other! 3 and a half hours of lecture, and I was in full focus! Yay! I also logged on to my online class and finished the homework for the week. Easy as Pie! Kev then surprised me with a dinner to Chili's (My favorite restaurant) and his sister and friend came over to play dead space 2. Have you seen this game?! It is the scariest game ever! Oh well, I got an order of 2 headbands out of it.

I had Friday off, so I went to dinner with Kevin at the Sushi Garden 2 right by our house. We had the most amazing sushi! I wasn't able to get a picture of it (we ate it too fast!) but my oh my was it good! We had a tofu soup, goyza aka "potstickers", a salad, and deep fried California roll with spicy and orange sauce! The potstickers were out of this world as well as the sushi. I also have received many orders for a headbands, so I worked on those for a while as well as homework.

So here I am today, sitting at home blogging :D Earlier today I went to a play with Kevin's sister staring as a Jester. It was called "Hello Goodbye Hansel and Gretel".

It was fantastic and adorable! Everyone did such a good job! I wanted to take pictures but I was told no flash photography. Oh well. I did manage to grab this photo from the facebook page!
All of the kids has so much fun and were yelling at the big bad wolf :) It was so cute!

I then came home and resumed my day with working on a new headband for a customer. Would you like to see it? I love the way it turned out :D
I think the bow looks just as cute as the flowers :)

Well I have 5 more headbands to make by Tuesday, and homework. So I must be off. I hope everyone is having a great day/night!

Lots of love


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