Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I feel like learning a new craft. Maybe Knitting. who knows :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Small Inspirations 6/9/10

Often times, places can sweep you away into a new realm where the smallest items of inspiration have the capabilities to consume your soul with passion and enlightenment so strong that you become lost with wonder. How is it that many people miss such beauty in their everyday lives is impeccable. The reason? Society. Society has often taken away our ability to enjoy the small inspirations by robbing us of the fascination for life and beauty at such a young age and forcing us to "Grow Up". I often think maybe we shouldn't "Grow Up". Instead let us slow down and rest in the beauty available all around. Feel the sand lightly scrape your skin in between your toes as you wiggle them under the cool sand. Let the air sweep past your face and fall down your neck and send chills down your spine. Watch the sky slowly turn a deep red and golden yellow across the sea with enough force to change the color of the sea. Breathe deep. Feel the cold air enter your body and envelope itself around your soul repairing any damage taken and in return filling it with strength, passion, and most of all a small inspiration to live on.