Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Catch up

Hello everyone!

My goodness it has been a long time since I have jumped on blogger to write. I feel like time flew by between work and school starting. I guess my priorities switched a little for the last couple of months :( But I'm back! And I have so many different things to show you!
Over the last few months I have managed to whip up a teddy bear for the cutest little one year old :)

Isn't it darling :) It was not too hard to make and was a joy to see come together.

I also mananged to work on a birthday present for a while (still not finished). The strangling vines scarf made out of knitpicks stroll tonal blue-violet sock yarn. It is coming out beautifully. Hopefully I can have it done soon :)

I also managed to revisit the water bottle holder I made
a while ago. This one was another birthday success :)

Last but not least I whipped up a Giant's beanie for my Kevin's mom :) I know she will love it!

Any Giant's fan would love to have this for their birthday :)

Have a great day!

Talk to you soon :)



Anonymous said...

Lovely new projects! The colours you have selected are beautiful.

Nikkole said...

Thank you! I have so many wips that are all knitting :) I can't wait to finish them all and show everyone my new additions :)