Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's day! Free Four Leaf Clover ring pattern :)

Nobody can pinch me today! bahahahaha!

I may only have a percentage of Irish in me somewhere, but I am going to fully embrace the holiday with my Four Leaf Clover ring :)

Want one yourself? Let me show you how :) I will do my best to explain how I made this ring, but let me warn you that this is my first go at pattern writing/explanation. I comprised this of a few different styles of clover patterns, but mostly from this youtube video: click here!!!! The only difference between this video and my pattern is the beginning and how to make the ring. That being said, here we go!

my abbreviations are as follows:
tr--triple crochet
sc--single crochet

You will need:
Green yarn (I prefer worsted or dk. the yarn I used is wool of the andes avocado from knitpicks)
4mm G hook
Tapestry needle

First start out with a magic ring. ( take the yarn and wrap around your finger(s) so that you have the cut end towards you and the connected yarn on the back of your hand)

Round 1: Ch 4 into the ring. Then tr into the ring 2 times. ch 3. It should look like this:

sc into the ring (we are going to be working in the magic ring the whole time, so do not cinch together)

Round 2: Ch 3 into the ring. tr into the ring 2 times. ch 3. sc into ring.
Round 3-4: repeat round 2.

You should now have 4 petals.
Round 5: ch 5, that way you now have the stem. cinch the magic ring together (pull on the cut end of the magic ring). cut and fasten off.

Now to make the ring. We are going to use a tapestry needle to weave in the loose end from the stem of the Four Leaf Clover go in between the stitches until you reach a petal. Weave yarn in and out of the Four Leaf Clover then cut the yarn.

You should now have one loose string of yarn in the back of the Four Leaf Clover. Thread this string into the tapestry needle and push into the Four Leaf Clover so that you have a loop. Pull this loop tighter until it fits sung on your finger. Leaving the loop at the size you want, continue to weave in and out of the Four Leaf Clover until the loop is sturdy. weave the string into your work then cut.

Tada! You should now have the ring! :D

If you have any questions or comments please let me know and I will be happy to reply! Have a great day! :D


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