Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cowl in May

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to pop by and show you my lovely little scarf that I fastened in the back to make a wonderful little cowl :D

I actually made this scarf a very very long time ago, when I was first learning how to crochet. I came across it when I was moving and felt the need to use the perfectly sized scarf as a cowl.
It has been pretty cold the last couple of days... odd that it is May and we are experiencing weather similar to February. Oh well, it gave me an excuse to wear this! :D

Next week is finals week for me, so after the next week, I will be free to enjoy the summer with lots of knitting and crochet!

Have a great day!


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day 90 Results for round 1!!!!!

Hello everyone!

I hope that everyone is happy and healthy :D I know I am! I passed day 90 of P90x the other day, and I am now officially a graduate of the program! :D I am so happy with my results and I really want to thank everyone supporting me over the last couple of months. Without your support, I might not have been as motivated to finish. I also have to thank my Kevin for doing the program with my for all 90 days :D Now, for the moment we all have been waiting for.... my video!!!!!

Click here to watch :D

I hope you enjoyed seeing my results as much as I did! If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask me. If you want to see Kevin's results, you can find it here. His results are pretty incredible :D We have started a second round of P90x yesterday, so I am back to day 2, but I am doing a different version this time around, so we will see how that goes :)

Oh and I am still working on the my knitting, but that will be saved for another post ;)

Have a great day :D