Monday, January 24, 2011

It's a Dr. Pepper kind of day

Hellooooooooooo :)

How is everyone doing this fine day? It is a second foggy day here. It was soo foggy last night that we couldn't even see 5 ft in front of us! At least it burned off some this morning so that Kev and I could brave the elements and get some shopping done :) After shopping for a few things, I am now back in my NikNak spot and ready to fuel my creative needs. But in order to do so I need to have a sip of Dr. Pepper :) (Dr. Pepper is my all time favorite drink). Yes, I may just be addicted to Dr. Pepper. But that is okay! It helps me ;)

In my last post I talked about how I was distracted by an elephant, and stopped working on the Queen Anne's Lace scarf. Well, yesterday I buckled down and finished it! It is just so beautiful and delicate looking! I love how the little motifs swirl around and make a twirly swirly scarf! Soon after finishing the scarf, I was asked if I could make a thick style headband with a rosette in two different colors, but the only problem was I had no pattern, and no judgment of how thick she wanted the headband. See I was asked to make it thinner than the headbands she has now, and I was provided with a picture. So I found a pattern by celestial's creations: Crocheted Headband and hooked up this beauty!

I think it turned out pretty nice, and the rosette looks great! I had a strong urge to add more color to the headband, but I had to remind myself that the headband is not for me! So I just took a sip of my Dr. Pepper. After this headband, I have to make one more in white, and I might just make a third one for this lovely lady as a buy 2 get one free type of deal. And the third will be a surprise with colors I like! That way I get my can have even more fun :) Well I think it is time for me to check the mail (I have a few packages coming in today). Then I will attempt to work on my projects list and hopefully put a dent in it!

Have a great day everyone!!!!!


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