Friday, January 14, 2011

My first Mandala :)

Hello to all :D

I am so excited to show all of you my very first Mandala! It took a couple days of working on it before I finished it, but I am definitely hooked :D See over the last couple of hours, I have been working non stop on my creation and I can not WAIT to
start a new one :D It was fairly easy to sit and complete this project (mainly because Kevin was watching a movie called Mega Piranha).

I love the colors so much :D

I learned how to make this from Alice and Raymond
I am so inspired by her work!
Thank you so much!


Jacey said...

Thats gorgeous, love the colours, I have never made one of these. Thankyou for your kind comments. xx

Nikkole said...

Of course! Thank you so much :) They are so easy to make and always turn out wonderful. I used simply soft yarn by Caron and a 4mm needle. I have seen people make potholders out of these too :)