Sunday, February 27, 2011

Two special gifts

Hello my darlings!

I hope everyone has had a great weekend! It is a beautiful Sunday afternoon here in California. No rain, only sunshine bliss. I am so sorry for the lack of posts this week. What can I say, school has started! Plus I was starting to feel guilty that I might not have had a project to show you. But after a couple of nights worth of hooking, I have two special gifts for a few people very dear to me. Remember that beautiful Chroma yarn that I had bought from Knitpicks? If not you can find it here. Well I have been going crazy thinking about what I want to make with such beautiful yarn. So I starting blog surfing, and I found this blog post with free pattern. Started right away, and I was even more happy when I realized I had enough yarn to make a second one! So of course, I asked Kevin's sister if she would like the other beanie. Of course she said yes!

I love the way both of them turned out. They are so soft, warm, adorable, and fun! The pattern is very easy to make, and I highly encourage you to try it out :D I didn't have to do any modifications to my head from the pattern, but some may have to because the pattern is made for a child, not an adult. I just have a small head and my yarn stretches well. Can you see the butterfly?

On another note, this Tuesday, I am going to be conducting a classroom observation and I am so excited! And to thank the teacher who so graciously said that she would let me come and observe any time I wanted, and Kevin's mom, who is an aid for special needs children and was so awesome to ask the teacher permission for me, I made a girls water bottle holder with a little V charm. I have yet to finish the teacher's water bottle holder (I am going to use red and blue for school colors with her own charm) but I am very happy to start another, and maybe even one for myself! Would you like to see how it turned out? I bet you do!

I love how beautiful it came out! I am sure it would look better with a water bottle in it though :) This holder is great for when you are on the go and need to carry around a water bottle, or even exercising! The yarn that is used is Sugar 'n Cream cotton yarn, which has a very distinct texture. This yarn makes great washcloths! :D

Well, I guess I should go and attend to my paper that needs writing. It is due tomorrow of course, so I should probably stop procrastinating. I figure if I finish quickly, I might make a quick trip to the craft store and grab some more Sugar 'n Cream yarn for my own water bottle holder! :)

Have a great start of the week everyone!



Nay-Nay said...

Nikkole I absolutely love your yarn work :-) I wish i could do that haha. Hey, how many projects are you working on at the moment???? Cuz i was wondering..... what are your prices?:-)

Nikkole said...

Thank you! Maybe one of these days I can post a couple of tutorials of how to crochet :) I am working on one particular one that I should finish by tonight. Other than that not too much :D Um what are you looking at the most? If you find something you want, message me on facebook and I will let you know! :D