Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Motif's and things :)

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's day yesterday! It was quite uneventful for me yesterday. I woke up, worked out, went to school, and battled my computer in order to view power points again. I did not prevail. However, Kevin did come home from work with a lovely bouquet of roses in a beautiful orange yellow color :) I just adore them! His sister also brought me flowers the night before! She brought me pink, white, and magenta colored carnations with a balloon that says "I love you". It was so sweet :) Would you like to see?? They are just so pretty in the morning! Please excuse my horrible camera work... I have to find my charger and charge my fancy camera that I haven't used in forever. Then I must find a way to get those pictures from the camera to the computer without a USB cord or a proper fitting chip. Oh well.
Anyways, I felt so blessed that I received such wonderful presents, that I needed to make Kevin's sister something. So I went ahead and whip
ped up a two part rosette motif. Luckily my Cousin Crystal messaged me on facebook and gave me a wonderful idea! She said to glue an alligator clip to the back of the motif and wear it as a hair piece or to switch the rosettes on headbands! I loved the idea! So I crazy glued an alligator clip to the back of it and added a gift card to Starbucks! She loved it!!!!!!!
Meanwhile I am so excited because I received my package that I have been waiting for today! It is new knit picks yarn! Yay! I bought som
e yummy Chroma Worsted Galapagos yarn, and Capra Cashmere DK yarn in the color Harbor. I love them! I just can't wait to hook up a new item for NikNak!

Well it is time for me to hop into the shower and get ready to go to the mall, then continue my adventures in the land of homework and study guides. Wish me luck, I have a test on Thursday in Genetic Analysis...we shall see how THAT goes ^.^

Have a great rest of the day/night!


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