Friday, February 11, 2011

Long time no talk

Hello everyone!

I am so sorry for not being able to post anything over the last couple of days. I have been super busy with school. I am already swamped with huge communications projects and exams starting next week. Today is going to be a very busy day for sure. I am going down to my parents house to celebrate my mom's birthday that was on Wednesday. It will be a great day! I just hope that I can figure out what to make her. Her present that I got her a month ago for her birthday has still not come in. So I am hoping that if I can pull something together quick that she will love. But I have no idea what to make her. any ideas? It is so difficult to know what to make her, just because she doesn't wear scarfs or slippers or anything. I hope that I can figure it out. Anyways, I am so excited at how well P90x is working out! I have already lost 2 pounds! Yay! Well I better be off now. Sorry for the short post. I will post something soon I promise!


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