Friday, February 4, 2011

Change starts now!

Hello my darlings!

I hope everyone is doing well :) I have been crazy busy with school starting this week. I am not used to sitting and reading a hundred pages in an effort to be prepared for classes. I am so used to sitting at home and doing nothing, and now I have a crazy amount of homework waiting impatiently to be completed. However, I think I am going to let my Friday night be a night of recovery. I started P90x yesterday with Kevin. Oh my goodness am I sore and exhausted. Today was plyometrics, the hardest workout of them all. My body is completely worn out, and I am only on day 2! What have I gotten myself into?! I also have to follow a strict diet now, so that means no more late night snacks or going out to dinner and getting my favorite foods. I know that it will pay off, but man do I want to stop the onslaught of soreness on my body and eat one of my favorite unhealthy foods and drink some Dr. Pepper. Oh well. Such is life.

Do you like the picture I put up today? I took this image a year ago at a really beautiful coast line here in Pescadero California. I find it so relaxing.Here is another side of the coast that is much more comfortable for relaxing :)

I am hoping to return there again this summer, and hopefully this time with some yarn! :D Speaking of yarn...I think I am going to make myself something in reward for surviving today :) But I do not know what I would like to make. I am thinking another headband for myself. But I also found a pretty cool beanie that looks fun to make! I found it on Erica's Crochet by Day, where she showed how beautiful her Chroma yarn from knit picks turned out when using this pattern: Divine hat. I love how beautiful this turned out! I think I may try this pattern out soon :)

I will let you know how this goes!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Speak soon,

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