Monday, January 13, 2014

First FO of 2014.

I am happy to announce my first FO of 2014! :) I finished a pair of socks on 1/7.

My Sunset Waffle socks.
These socks were my very first pair of toe-up two at a time socks. I love everything about these socks, except for the cuffs. For some reason I am really disappointed with how the cuffs fit. They are on timeout until I feel like tackling whatever problem occurred. At least they are off the needles! :)

Of course I immediately had to cast on a second pair of socks, and I managed to complicate that as well. I wanted to have two separate balls of yarn, one for each sock. So I threw all of the yarn on the ground in a large circle, which created a huge mess across my apartment. I grabbed two chairs and wound the yarn around two chairs. From there I found both ends of the yarn and wound two balls from the skein. In order to do that I had to set down a ball of yarn after 1 rotation, and grab the other in order to ensure each ball was even. I had to do this crazy long process because I have yet to own a niddy-noddy, yarn swift, scale, and winder. Thankfully I survived the whole ordeal. But of course I ended up casting on a cuff down one at a time sock. All that work for nothing.

Oh well, the sock color is pretty!

This picture is prior to the frogging, and I am quite glad I ended up frogging it. I can tell that the cuff is far too large, and that I would have been devastated. Whew. Disaster averted. :) 

In other news, the mail man arrived on saturday and dropped off some goodies for me to pick up! Due to work I couldn't pick them up until today, but it made my Monday bright and cheery :) 
This image is from Knitpicks: Hue Shift Afghan Kit- Baby. This image is not my own, by any means, and is property of Knitpicks. 

I bought 2 of the Baby kits, and one of the Decor kits before it was discontinued. One of these kits is going to complete one of my resolutions for this year, knit a baby blanket before april. I have some work to do. I am slightly nervous to embark on this project, mainly because I have heard that many people tend to run out of yarn. I am thinking about intentionally dropping a half needle size to ensure that I am under gauge rather than over. Any left over yarn will go to my own blanket in this color way. I also received a bit of yarn for an order today, a slouchy beanie for a friend. Because of the colors (heather grey and mint), I am thinking about working on a stranded knit, which would be a first for me. 
Knitting for days! :D 

In regards to my other resolutions, I am still going strong. I am approximately 200 pages away from finishing my first book of the year, which is a tad bit behind schedule. Oh well. I think I can catch up quickly :) 

I think I have some work to do. Until next time, Kaliroo-ster and her roommates Miro and Maui say Hi! :D

Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Year, New Post.


Oh my. I can't believe it is already 2014. I feel like 2013 just started 4 months ago. Although, I didn't have a problem writing 2014 today. It was seamless, as if I had skipped 2013 all together.  

I Already have a great list of things that I need to work on this year. Resolutions I guess you could call them. Majority of them are knitting goals, although, there are a few others. 

Knitting goals: 
~ Knit 12-14 pairs of socks. Yes. I want to knit at least one pair of socks per month.
~ Knit a baby blanket before april. I'm crazy, I know. 
~Knit 1 cardigan. 

Personal goals: 
~ Read 50 books this year. 
~ Go to the gym at least 3 times a week. 
~ Continue eating a vegetarian diet as often as possible. 
~ Go outside more.
~ Go on an adventure. 
~ Learn how to sew on my new sewing machine! :)

I will keep you posted on how I do! :) Here is some yarn love for today. 

Have a great day/night!